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Through our preferred partner, obtaining an independent 409A valuation is easy and cost-effective


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Complete a questionnaire and upload your documents. Review and approve a draft report, then receive your certified copy.


Experienced appraisers

Our preferred partner has broad and diverse experience ranging from reviewing and auditing financials for Fortune 500 companies to building and analyzing financial models for start-ups, and writing and reviewing term sheets.


Reliable results

Reports are written by qualified, US-based appraisers, rely on widely accepted valuation methods and practices and comply with Internal Revenue Code safe harbor standards.

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Why work with an independent provider?


Avoid financial penalties & lost compensation for your company and its employees

Keep internal resources dedicated to growing your business – leave this to the experts


Protect your company under the Internal Revenue Code safe harbor rule

Minimize exposure to these risks and maximize your internal resources by working with an independent provider.

 Looking for a self-administration solution for your employee equity plans?


What is a 409A valuation?

Simply put, a 409A valuation is an independent appraisal of your private company stock that establishes how much the stock is worth. A 409A valuation is a legal requirement that applies to businesses issuing traditional or non-traditional deferred compensation to its employees. Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) ensures that appropriate federal income taxes are paid on these compensation plans and covers the company options under the IRC safe harbor rule. An independent 409A valuation ensures that a company is complying with the federal tax code. Using your internal finance resources or cap table information to determine your own valuation does not meet the safe harbor standards. 

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