Stay competitive in a growing market


Since the inception of the JOBS Act, the number of funding portals has grown exponentially, making it tough to differentiate your offering. Depending on your objectives and capabilities, we have a few solutions that can help you stand out from the crowd. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


Expanding your service offering.

You don’t currently support cap table management or waterfall modeling but think it would make your offering more compelling. We can work with you to provide secure, compliant recordkeeping and communications to your company clients as part of your solution.


Saving money.

You are currently offering recordkeeping services, but are finding that the expense of maintaining your systems is almost as high as the risk exposure. And you haven’t had to adapt your systems to a major regulation change yet. Partner with us and bring our infrastructure and service resources to your client base.


Staying compliant.

You’ve registered as a transfer agent but are quickly realizing that the rules and regulations that you must abide by are complicated, and the risk of getting something wrong is pretty high. Bring our 35-plus years of experience and operational efficiencies to your organization.

From acting as a transparent service provider under your name to serving as the named agent contracting directly with your company clients, we offer a choice of solutions to fit your business model and help you achieve your goals. 

When you partner with Computershare, you can:


Rely on our experience and expertise as the established market leader as a transfer agent


Have confidence that we invest heavily in our proprietary recordkeeping system, surrounding technology and the security protocols that protect it

Offer investors full-service support, knowing we value shareholder satisfaction as a measure of your success


Receive day-to-day support from a dedicated team

Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver the best service to your clients.