Manage employee equity plans efficiently and securely 


Let us help with the administration of your employee equity plan

Self-administering your employee stock options and restricted stock plans is a great choice for companies who are just starting off with equity compensation or looking for a cost-effective way to move off spreadsheets. It is also a good choice for companies who simply require a software solution to manage their plans, cap table and employee inquiries. However, as your company grows you may find that bringing on a partner to assist with the administration of your plan can free up time and resources needed to focus on your business. We want to help. 

Tools for you

With our service, all your plan rules, confidential employee information and grant data are securely stored. You will be able to manage those records using our suite of web-based tools that allow you to: 


Upload employee and grant data via secure file transfer

Update an individual grant or an employee’s profile

Generate customized administration reports


View employee accounts to help answer questions


Automate sending of standard letters and email communications


Track employee tax certification or grant acceptance/acknowledgement


Automate the calculation of retirement eligibility events

Track participant mobility

Looking for full-service administration for your equity plans? We can help with that, too. 


Support your employees

Your employees will access their accounts through the mobile-friendly Employee Online website. 


View and manage all grants and awards, including grant acceptance/acknowledgement, price modeling, sales and restricted tax elections


Certify tax status for both W-9 and W-8BEN

Take advantage of direct debit functionality to avoid sending in a check to pay for option costs or taxes


Customize electronic communication preferences


Generate real-time account statements, view plan documentation and historic electronic communications


Learn more about the importance of their grants and awards from our complimentary education site

Let’s talk about simplifying your stock option and restricted stock plan administration.

Prefer to administer your employee equity plan yourself? Check out our self-administration software solutions.