Convenient account access for you and your investors 


We offer the tools you and your investors need to stay current on accounts and make informed decisions.

Our Investor Center™ website gives investors the access they need to retrieve account information and perform a wide range of transactions.


The site offers:

Simplified view of holdings

Smooth, intuitive site
navigation on all devices

Industry-leading security protocols, consistent with those used by leading financial institutions

Through the Investor Center™ website, investors can:

  • Revise account and contact information
  • Certify tax status
  • Enroll in electronic delivery of shareholder communications
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Enroll in dividend reinvestment plans, if applicable
  • Receive important company communications and account information
  • Receive sale proceeds in more than 90 currencies
  • Request a paper stock certificate
  • Replace a lost check
  • Cast proxy votes
  • Print replacement tax forms

Rely on our Issuer Online™ website to access investor information securely and conveniently.


Upload securities valuation.

You can input the value of your non-traded securities, along with valuation messaging. This information is then displayed to investors through the Investor Center website offering convenience and consistency.


Download statements.

Investors can download statements and tax forms from our Investor Center™ website.


Generate reports.

Our flexible reports make it easy to download and review investor data based on the criteria you specify including classes of stock, dates, ranges and share amounts.


Share information.

Through FileShare, you can securely share files with us and other users at your company.

Let us show you how our web tools can keep you and your investors connected to their records and activity.