What it's like to work with Computershare 


Let’s face it – a transfer agent’s services are not particularly exciting. There are many agents out there offering similar services. But if you look past that, the real difference in service is what lies behind the curtain. But what can you expect when working with Computershare as a partner? What is it that makes working with us special? What will you be missing out on if you work with another transfer agent?



Work with a partner who is with you every step of the way. At the beginning, your onboarding team will work closely with you to establish your company’s records on our systems. This team has the expertise to keep your onboarding on track, helping you meet the requirements along the way.

Once on board, you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager that will understand your company and what is important to you. Your relationship manager is available to answer your questions and assist with whatever it is you need. You’re not dialing in to a shared 1-800 number speaking to a different person each time.



Engage a transfer agent who will be an extension of your team. Your relationship manager will understand the urgency around your capital raise and your closing. And they will support you with the experience and response that the situation requires.

Behind the scenes, a deep bench of talent within our product development team works for you, who understand the needs of a private company and whose sole purpose is to ensure our products and services are helping you meet your business objectives.

This is a team that has the knowledge to get things done and is not afraid of unconventional transactions.



Trust in us to have a solution. When you work with Computershare, you are choosing to work with a transfer agent that can leverage decades of knowledge that can only be acquired through experience. We can impart the experience and best practices learned through our work with our large cap and publicly listed companies and bring those lessons to you.



Have confidence that we have your back. We care about our clients and are invested their success. We understand that your investors’ experience with us is a reflection on you and we take that very seriously. We demonstrate this through our commitment to quality customer and investor service, and our emphasis on data security and business continuity.

We are also very active in the advisory groups and trade organizations that influence legislation, advocating for what is best for our clients. As a member and active participant in industry associations such as the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), we are working to give our clients a voice at the table.


A big-picture view

Choose a partner that is more than a transfer agent. Our teams understand that your company is more than just one transaction or one data file. You have goals that you are working towards and we work right alongside you. We are poised to offer solutions that will help you meet your regulatory, governance and compliance obligations. And if you decide to go public, we can help you achieve that goal.

Don’t wait another minute. Contact us today and let Computershare join your team.