Are you working with the right partner?


This is an important and exciting time for your company. You are focused on growth and taking your company to the next level and an important, but oftentimes overlooked component of success is a positive experience for your investors.

You are relying on their investment to move forward with your business plans but your obligation and communication with them doesn’t end once they’ve come on board. It is critical to keep your investors engaged so that they will consider future projects or encourage other investors to join the journey.

Computershare understands the importance of your relationship with your investors and has the knowledge, resources and experience to make it the best it can be.


Maintain accurate and secure records.

Our years of experience as a registered transfer agent mean you can be confident that your data is secure and that your investors have access when and where they need it.


Support for investor meetings.

Your charter may require you to hold an annual or special meeting to update investors on the progress of your company. You’ll need to communicate meeting details, provide a means to vote on company matters and run the meeting. We’ll work with you to tailor a meeting that meets your needs, including hosted virtual meetings, electronic presentation of meeting materials, web-based voting and independent tabulation.

Deliver engaging communications.

Whether you choose to communicate with investors electronically, via paper or through a combination of the two, our team can help you craft and distribute communications that work.


Process dividends and distributions.

There will be times when you need to send money to your investors. Whether you declare a dividend or pay a return of capital, we offer distribution options your investors want – including check and direct deposit. We also manage the necessary tax reporting.


Keep your investors informed.

Keep your investors informed of the value of their investment by loading your company-determined price per share to our system. Not only will your investors be able to view this valuation online, but we’ll generate shareholder statements based on the valuation you provide.

There are many transfer agents out there but few can bring you the knowledge, experience and dedication that Computershare offers.

Contact us today to discuss why Computershare is the right choice for your company.