You will have the day-to-day support of our private markets team that is ready to help you meet your objectives.

Peter Duggan
Senior Vice President

Peter is a member of Computershare’s senior management team dedicated to bringing our years of experience supporting public companies to help private companies be as successful as possible.

Joan Dromey
Senior Product Manager

Joan makes sure the products and services we’re delivering to you are what you need, when you need it. Joan is frequently on client calls offering insight on how things work when it comes to investor topics, and providing guidance on the best way forward.

Anastasia Karatza
Product Specialist

Anna channels her experience with training and development to keep the team informed with industry research and reporting. She also works closely with Joan supporting our product development efforts.

Pat Tracey
Business Development – East Coast

Pat is an industry veteran, dedicated to sharing best practices from the public company world with the private companies that can benefit from this knowledge today. He is traveling the east coast, taking our message to advisors, lawyers, funding portals and other industry stakeholders.

Katie Shaughnessy
Business Development Specialist

Katie brings a diverse background as a civil litigation trial attorney and a call center manager to our business development efforts. If you haven’t received a call from Katie yet, you probably will soon.

Joyce McCabe
Relationship Manager

Once on board, Joyce will be your day-to-day contact. She’ll address your needs and will help make sure your relationship with your investors is the best it can be.

We are here to help.